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Meet Our Donors

Our Donors and Sponsors, these extraordinary people and companies, they change everything!

Their generosity tells our students and teachers that someone believes in them, someone that they don’t even know. There is nothing more powerful.

Please allow us to publicly acknowledge their support, thank them and share their stories with you.

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Mike and Janet Greene

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Many EMSISD alumni and special groups contribute together to honor named memorial and honorary scholarships. Here are just a few we honor through our scholarship program:

Martha Pittenger

Jared Hardy Fine Arts

Art Wilcock

Anthe Anagnostis 8th grade Scholar

Pearl Palmer Patten “Pearls of Wisdom”

Diane Winans sponsored by ADK

Dalton Bailey

Lexi White

Gary McKinney

Tom Dennis

Yvonne and Bill Flippo

Max and Mollie Newcom

Bill and Mary Lynn Anderson

Vandolyn and Frank Roszell

Heidi and Dick Elkins

Al David Griffin

EMSEF Merit Scholars


Meet Our Sponsors