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Donor Stories

Al David Griffin Memorial Scholarship

sponsored by Janet and Mike Greene

As Boswell High School opened its doors in 1961, Mr. Griffin had already assembled Boswell’s first library and created Boswell’s first Spanish class. He was a visionary, a dedicated educator and mentor who is affectionately remembered by his students. This scholarship honors his legacy as a teacher and a friend to his students through two decades.

Hedy and Art Wilcock Memorial Scholarship

sponsored by Janet and Mike Greene

Heady and Arthur came to EMS from Canada, though Hedy was a German native. Mr. Wilcock taught chemistry, physics, geometry, and trigonometry at Boswell High School from 1961 through the 1970s. Mr. Wilcock was not only a dedicated teacher but also a friend, a mentor, and a role model to his students. Hedy had a long career with Neiman Marcus.

Martha Pittenger Memorial Scholarship

sponsored by Janet and Mike Greene

Mrs. Martha Pittenger had a profound impact on her English students. She taught at Saginaw Junior High and Boswell High School. Mrs. Pittenger is fondly remembered 50 years later by Boswell graduates from the 1960s. Many of her former students contributed to the establishment of the original scholarship. The Greenes continue an additional three scholarships in her name.

Community Link Mission Scholarship

sponsored by Janet and Mike Greene

Community Link Mission has served the EMS community for many years. Their service area is now over 160 square miles of Northwest Tarrant County, where they serve thousands of families each year. Not only do they provide food and personal care items, but they also aide families at Christmas, provide school supplies, and supportive resources. No one is ever turned away, and it is their mission to ensure that people leave with hope and encouragement. This scholarship is awarded to students exhibiting strong work ethic and compassion.

Vandolyn and Frank Roszell Scholarship

Vandolyn and Frank Roszell gave breath to the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce which benefitted the Education Foundation scholarships and have generously supported students every year since the 1980s. They support public school educators through their giving. The Roszells and community members contribute to this scholarship through the annual Charity Golf Tournament as well.

Heidi and Dick Elkins Merit Scholarship

sponsored by Leasor Crass

Dick Elkins served for 20 years on the EMS ISD Board of Trustees, including service as the President to our public-school district. He and Heidi were original organizers of the EMS Education Foundation and Saginaw Chamber of Commerce. They volunteered and hosted golf tournaments to support the integrity of local businesses and students through scholarship programs. Students exhibiting a future dedication to serving their community are candidates for this scholarship.

Mary Lee and Weldon Hafley Honors Scholarship

Weldon Hafley served EMS ISD for 31 years as coach, principal, administrator, and retired as Superintendent in 2006. His class was the first to graduate from Boswell High School. Mary Lee’s love for teaching eventually led her to a career in nonprofit retiring as Safe Haven’s CEO in 2015. Both are committed to providing opportunities for  students to continue their education and achieve their dreams.

Lexi White Memorial Scholarships (2)

Lexi White had an infectious smile and was a Chisholm Trail High School alumni student that was awarded an EMS Education Foundation scholarship in 2018 due to her academic success in the classroom. Lexi, a leader in sports, as well as receiving the Trailblazer award her senior year, made an indelible impression on students and teachers. To memorialize Lexi as an outstanding softball player and character off the field, her family dedicated two scholarships honoring her memory.

Bill and Mary Lynn Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Bill Anderson served as superintendent of EMS ISD for 16 years. He humbly served as a member of the Foundation Board for many years. Mrs. Anderson taught first grade for 20 years. Education was of utmost importance to both Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.

Max Newcom Memorial Scholarship

Max Newcom served as the very first coach hired at Boswell High School. Upon graduation of high school in Kentucky, he played professional baseball as pitcher. He served in the Korean War where he also was able to play baseball in Europe. He received his associates degree from Temple Junior College where he played basketball. He went on to attend Baylor University where he was an avid Baylor sports fan for years to come. As a coach at Boswell High School, he was able to coach basketball and baseball. He devoted his life to education, eventually leaving coaching to work for Tarrant County College. The gymnasium at Boswell is named in his honor as he was determined to raise young men and women of both skill and character. 

Mollie Newcom Memorial Scholarship

Mollie was an English teacher for 30 years. She taught at Wayside Middle School, Boswell High School, Tarrant County Community College, and the University of Texas Arlington. As an educator, she was always willing to put forth the extra effort to help students succeed. She volunteered her time promoting and serving the EMS Education Foundation because she valued students and teachers furthering their education. Her lasting legacy was for all students to be proud of their school and their community.

Gary McKinney Memorial Scholarship

For over 40 years, Gary McKinney served as the agricultural science instructor and FFA advisor at Boswell High School. He served the FFA chapters at Boswell, Saginaw and Chisholm Trail. Mr. McKinney dedicated his life to teaching, advising, and mentoring young people. His philosophy was that every student has talent and every student deserves a chance. Mr. McKinney was known for never turning a student away from his classes. He has students from all different walks of life, and he gladly accepted them with open arms. This scholarship is created not only to honor him but keep his philosophy alive.

Bill and Yvonne Flippo Academic Scholarship

The Flippos are longtime residents of EMS ISD and have spent many hours volunteering and spectating events in the district. Their son and grandsons are all EMS ISD products. Yvonne taught at Wayside when it opened its doors in the 1960s and later taught homebound students part time. She volunteered with the PTA at Saginaw Elementary, Wayside, and Boswell, and probably made more nachos in concession stands than she can count. Bill was the mayor of Saginaw from 1986-1991. Since his passing in 2016, his presence in the city and district is missed. They were founding leaders of Saginaw 4-H club in the 1970s which is still active today. Yvonne is pleased to participate in a scholarship in Bill’s memory and in her honor supporting EMS ISD students.

Leasor Crass Scholarship

Leasor Crass has a unique opportunity to give back to their clients, Texas public school districts, in a way that helps provide opportunities to students. Both Mike and Rhonda, the two named partners of the firm, are former teachers. It is truly their honor to be able to contribute to continued education for a special student. As educators first, this is the best part of being education lawyers.

Diane Winans Memorial Scholarship

sponsored by Alpha Delta Kappa and friends

Diane Winans joined the EMS ISD in 1979 as a fourth grade reading teacher at Eagle Mountain Elementary. Passionate about helping children discover their own love of reading, Ms. Winans led a district-wide effort among EMS school librarians to start a visiting author program. Her goal was to show children every aspect of reading so they could find their interests and embrace the vast knowledge and opportunities available to them. Following her retirement in 2010, she continued to be involved in reading initiative throughout the community. She was named Teacher of the Year for EMS ISD and the Saginaw Chamber, received the Lifetime PTA Membership Award, and served as president of the local teacher sorority, Alpha Delta Kappa. 

Courtland G. Canterbury Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by Catherine and Joe Wells, Mark and Robyn Canterbury, and Colby Canterbury

Courtland Canterbury was born and raised in the EMS ISD community. He attended Eagle Mountain Elementary, Wayside Middle School and graduated in 2010 from Boswell high School. Courtland participated in many activities in the community; YMCA Swim Team, Cub Scouts, Saginaw UMC and First UMC of FW, and volunteered for Special Olympics in Keller. He was also active as a student in the district in many areas. He wrote the school motto for Eagle Mountain Elementary, was a member of Whiz Kids, tennis, and band, and qualified for Duke’s Scholar at Wayside MS. At Boswell he was a member of the Boswell Band of Gold, received the Optimist’s Student Award as a Freshman Along with Class Favorite, and earned many academic honors. Upon graduation, he attended UNT, on an academic merit scholarship. Courland had a gregarious wit, along with a compassion toward other’s needs that were less fortunate. Before his passing, Courtland had found his passion in the field of counseling and was pursuing a degree in psychology and counseling.

Dalton Bailey Memorial Scholarship

Dalton was a talented musician and a Chisholm Trail High School alumnus. His talent and musical ability made a difference in the lives of those he touched through Fine Arts. He was a friend to all and to honor his impact on CTHS students his family and community members dedicate a scholarship in his memory.

Chef Laurent Champalle Memorial Scholarship

sponsored by Chef Katie Natale (HCTC)

Chef Laurent Champalle passed away in September 2016 after a lifelong dedication in the restaurant industry. He was born and raised in Lyon, France where he studied culinary and hotel management. One of his first jobs after school was at the famous Maxim’s in Paris. He moved to Dallas in the 80s to be chef of The Fairmont Hotel. After some years, he left the Fairmont and co-opened Chez Gerard in Dallas, which became a longtime favorite dining spot for Dallasites. In 2007, he was the opening Executive Chef of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. That was where Chef Katie Natale (HCTC) met and worked with him from 2012-2016. His impact on students at the college level was felt by thousands. He inspired many and pushed everyone to be their best. He was an intricate fixture of the LCB campus and the lives of those who worked with him.

Betty and Donald Jones Women’s Athletics Scholarship

Betty and Donald Jones were tireless supporters for 10 years for Boswells women’s sports while watching all three daughters participate in athletics. This scholarship honors their support and gives a female athlete the opportunity to continue their education.

Isaiah & Elijah Lopez Memorial Scholarship

Isaiah and his younger brother Elijah lived examples of leadership and compassion for others in their short lives. Through Isaiah’s gifts for others, this scholarship is born.

Joan Sipll PACE Scholarship

Joan Sipll developed a gifted program for EMS ISD. In the early 80s, she started the pullout portion of the PACE program as a volunteer. Shortly thereafter, as a staff member, she worked on developing a program that incorporated creative and critical thinking, research, problem-solving, leadership, and enrichment. Over the years, more students have had the opportunity to expand their thinking and believe in the phrase, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Stage 3 Scholarship

Courtney Parker has begun this scholarship in honor of those that have faced themselves or family member who has ventured through cancer. In remembrance of her own experience with stage 3 cancer, Ms.  Parker wishes to honor a student who has been affected by cancer during their time at Saginaw High School.

Adam Alvino Memorial Scholarship

sponsored by Jersey Mikes, John Durik

Adam Alvino was an all-around terrific person. He was kind, popular, and respected by all who crossed his path. He was a standout athlete lettering in football, baseball, and band. He was also number one in his class. I will always remember him as an incredible person and gentle friend. Adam touched the lives of everyone who knew him. The spirit of Adam will live forever in the mind of John Durik, as well as the knowledge of his sportsmanship, intellect, and extraordinary kindness.

Rebecca Russell Memorial Scholarship

Rebecca Russell taught math at Saginaw High School for many years. She reached thousands of students through her love of advanced mathematics, devotion to students, and the late evenings she spent working. She tirelessly tutored her students and held them to high standards. She was held in high regard by her colleagues, administrators, students, and the community.

Child Nutrition Association Scholarship

The EMS Child Nutrition Association has been a club since 2001. Our association is made up of child nutrition specialists, managers, and office staff. Most people recognize us as “Lunch Ladies.”  We have recently reconvened as a group in 2020 and hope to move forward to provide help to those in our community. We raise funds every year to help a family in need at Thanksgiving, provide gifts and food to a different family in need at Christmas, and provide scholarships to a high school student from each of the high schools in our district,

James Ingram Memorial Scholarship

James Ingram taught language arts to fifth-grade students at Eagle Mountain Elementary School for 34 years. He was the first recipient of the Elementary District Teacher of the Year Award and was able to name all of his students throughout his career. Mr. Ingram loved theater, especially Shakespeare, and was well known throughout the district for his annual production of Romeo and Juliet performed by his fifth-grade students. His memorial scholarship is given to a student excelling in fine arts.

Dr. Misty Germaine Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Germaine began her teaching career as a second grade teacher. After taking a hiatus to raise her 3 beloved sons, she returned to teaching in 2006 as a kindergarten teacher at Bryson Elementary. She was soon recognized for her math skills and incredible ability to work with teachers assisting them with instructional strategies. She became an instructional coach and then was promoted to the EMS district math coordinator for the remaining of her career.  For 18 years, Misty brought her passion for student learning to work every day. Her focus and mission were for every student to believe in themselves with math and for every teacher to know that each student has the ability to be successful in math.

Honorary Anthe Anagnostis 8th Grade Scholarship

Anthe Anagnostis served as Principal of Creekview Middle School and was a longtime educator. This scholarship is awarded to an 8th grade student exhibiting the characteristics and academic achievement represented in a leadership role following our culture of excellence at EMS ISD. Community members contribute to this scholarship in Ms. A’s name.

Additional Scholarships Dedicated to EMS ISD Students:


John and Elaine Craft Honors Scholarship

Angie and Dennis Haar Scholarship

Association of Texas Professional Educators Scholarships 

Bemis Family Dental and Reese Family Dental Scholarships

Carmen and Rick Kunselman Swim Scholarship

Dozier Elementary PTA

Eagle Mountain Elementary PTA Scholarship

Effie Center Scholarship

EMS Education Foundation Merit Scholarships

EMS ISD Council of PTAs Scholarship

EMS Retired Teachers Association Scholarships 

Greenfield Elementary PTA Scholarship

Jared Hardy Fine Arts Scholarship

Jostens Scholarships

Joy and Steven G. Newcom Scholarship

Lola and Larry Scheid Scholarship 

“Love of the Game” Scholarship honoring Spurg Reeves

Paige and Brant Ring Scholarship

Pearl Patton Memorial “Pearls of Wisdom” Scholarship 

 PTO Scholarships

Randall Hatley Jr. AVID Scholarship

Saginaw Elementary PTA Scholarships

Saginaw Lions Club Scholarship

Taco Casa Scholarships

Texas Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa (ADK)

Texas Health Harris Alliance Hospital Scholarship 

Tom Dennis Memorial Scholarship

Boswell Class of 2003 Alumni Scholarship

Willow Creek Elementary PTA Scholarship 

Windy Ryon Memorial Scholarships

Woman of Influence Scholarship