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Mike and Janet Greene, Platinum Donors

2019 Excellence in Philanthropy Award

Janet and Mike Greene believe strongly in education and the opportunities a college degree provides. Janet graduated from Richland High School and Texas Christian University and taught at Haltom and Boswell High Schools. Mike graduated from Boswell and received a mechanical engineering degree from UT Arlington.

Three of their four children, Jennifer, Jonathan and Matthew, graduated from Boswell. Andrew graduated from Fort Worth Christian High School.

They all four graduated from Texas A&M University with degrees in business and engineering, and, among the four, earned advanced degrees from Texas A&M, UT Austin and TCU.

The Greene Scholarships will give worthy Eagle Mountain – Saginaw ISD students an opportunity to pursue a college degree and the opportunities it provides.

Mike and Janet Green



Bob and Rachel Thompson

Bob Thompson, 1964 Boswell graduate, talks about why he gives to the Education Foundation.

Through the creation of scholarships we can keep the legacy of some of the first and finest teachers at Boswell alive, teachers who had an immense impact on my life and my way of thinking, as they did for so many others. That is why some early alums of Boswell have established scholarship funds in the names of Martha B. Pittenger, Arthur Wilcock and Al David Griffin.  Along with others, these three especially helped set the course that brought us to where we are today.

They taught at Boswell when our school district was small and rural. Salaries were not good, but these incredible people worked for the satisfaction of teaching and for making a difference in their students’ lives. It was a simpler time and a more sincere time.

I was born and lived the first 18 years of my life in Saginaw. I attended Saginaw and then later Eagle Mountain –Saginaw Schools from 1st-12th grade. In the fall of 1961 when Boswell High School opened, my class of about forty sophomores moved there along with juniors and seniors. We graduated in 1964 as the third graduating class at Boswell.

Having gone to class in some modest structures, we were overwhelmed by the features of the campus. There were many visitors in the early days that came to see our round, split level, glass walled school house. It was truly remarkable. Visitors often commented on how clean and undamaged the building was. We were proud of our school and really appreciated the building and felt privileged to go to school there, we would never have thought  of defacing a building like that one.

From Boswell I went to Rice University in Houston on a track and field athletic scholarship. Thereafter, I attended George Washington University, and after serving in the Navy, the University of Texas School of Law.

I practiced law in various capacities until my retirement. My wife of 44 years, Rachel, and I met at Rice in 1966. We have two children, two grandchild.