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About Us

The Future is Our Mission

About Us

Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. We are committed to provide funding of a variety of educational initiatives, all designed to enhance the educational experience of our students, and financially support the mission of the school district.

The Foundation offers scholarships to students and employees. It also funds teaching grants which must be innovative and stimulate students learning and creativity by enhancing the existing curriculum.

What We Do

The Foundation raises funds, accepts, and manages pledges and sponsorships from individuals, companies, and other community organizations. These partnerships are vital to the success of our community, creating a brighter future for students who seek to further their education. Many of these students return to the workforce in our community, serving the needs of our families and neighborhoods.


The EMS ISD’s objectives focus on providing each student with curriculum that will enable the students to graduate from the district prepared and qualified to succeed in their chosen path. It is the Foundation’s goal to partner with the district to ensure that students are equipped with the skills needed to compete in a constantly evolving global workforce and society.


None of what we do would be accomplished without our friends, sponsors and partners in the community. These relationships have an immense impact on the quality of life in our community and we are deeply thankful for those caring individuals and companies.

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